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Historical Information about the Registry

The Australasian Online Services Registry (incorporating the Australian BBS Registry) was originally formed as the PAMS Lists, or "Public Access Message System" Lists, to attempt to resolve the age old problem of obsolete Bulletin Board and Online Services provider lists. Back in 1986, Larry Lewis used to run the operation, each month calling operators to ensure their correct details were listed. Rodney Creer took over in March 1987 and continued until March 1997, changing the name to "Australian BBS Registry". James Collins took the reins at that time, and having the foresight to see how big the internet was becoming, changed it's name again to "Australasian Online Services Registry", to encompass all facets of ISPs, BBSs, Web Sites, etc. Part of the philosophy of the registry is to make it worthwhile for all operators to list their system or operation with the registry and to make use of the listings.

One method of making the listings attractive is that the issue of the lists is totally regular, on the first monday of each month the registry publishes a new version of the listing. This listing is clearly marked with the creation date and time and is also given a release number (this release number is normally the year and month of issue, the January 2003 list would be given a release number of 0301).

The idea of providing the files is that they are available to anyone, sure there is a copyright notice, but that is there to protect the viability of the lists not to stop people using them. If you make commercial use of the listings at least pay for some of the cost of running the registry. Permission is specifically given for anyone to use the lists, in any form, so long as acknowledgment to the registry is given in the form "List published by the Australasian Online Services Registry" and that the release number of the registry is included with your list, easy isn't it. Most Australian FidoNet systems carry the current list, this is because the Network Coordinators of Fido support the idea of up-to-date listings, this does not mean the lists are FidoNet only, they a FREE TO ANYONE. Look for the listings on your favourite system, if they are not there ask you sysop to get them for you, otherwise call the state coordinators bulletin board and get it from there, or try your nearest FidoNet system. If all else fails dial (07) 3823-5150 and get it from me.

Please help eradicate out of date listings, use the registry files, and if you find a system that is not listed or has inaccurate details advise the registry either by post, through one of the coordinators, or email You can even leave a message to James Collins on the Australasian Online Services Registry website.  


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